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Unexpected Mix - 7 colors

Unexpected Mix - 7 colors

Brand: Alladin Commercial by Mohawk

Style: Unexpected Mix

Available colors: Coincide (521), Affiliate (589),  Translate (841), Intertwine (858), Concur (869), Collaborate (878), League (979)

Tile Size: 24in x 24in

Fiber: Colorstrand SD Nylon

Backing: UltraSet

Installation Methods: Quarter Turn, Vertical Ashlar, Brick Ashlar, Monolithic



  • Lifetime Limited Wear Warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Static Protection Warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Edge Ravel, Zippering, Delamination and Dimensional Stability Warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Colorfastness to Light Warranty
  • 10 Year Limited Stain Resistance Warranty, 10 Year Limited Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminants


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