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Softly Elegant I - 12 colors

Softly Elegant I - 12 colors

Brand: Mohawk EverStrand Soft Appeal 

Style: Softly Elegant I

Available colors: Autumn Ash (712), Beige Twill (718), Designer White (719), Caramel Ripple (742), Ancestral Haze (839), Sand Dollar (848), Dried Peat (859), Honeywood (862), Brazilian Coffee (868), Destiny (919), First Star (939), Dark Platinum (959)

Straw Roll Size: Role 12ft width

Features & Benefits: 

Everstrand ForeverFresh carpets are made using Mohawk’s patented Continuum process. They offer enhanced softness and innovative odor-reducing technology to keep your home smelling fresh.


Warranties Brochure. Click here. 

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