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Determination Tile - 4 colors

Determination Tile - 4 colors

Brand: At Work

Style: Determination Tile

Available colors: Indefinite (42L74BG46Z), Relative (42L74BG47Z), Absolute (42L74BG48Z), Singular (42L74BG49Z)

Tile Size: 24in x 24in

Fiber: Solution Q® Nylon

Primary Backing: Synthetic

Secondary Backing: StrataWorx® Tile

Methenamine Pill Test: Passes (DOCFF-1-70)

Radiant Panel: Class I (ASTM E-648)

NBS Smoke: Less than 450 (ASTM-E-662)

Electrostatic Propensity: Less than 3.5 kV (AATCC-134)

CRI Green Label Plus: Certified GLP 2671

Installation: Monolithic, 1/4 Turn, Brick, Ashlar, Random

Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty


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